10 points to incorporate in your 2023 social media strategy

10 points to incorporate in your 2023 social media strategy

The digital space is an ever-evolving world where one needs to be cued in to what’s happening. What’s in today maybe out tomorrow. So how do you keep track of everything? How do you decide what to focus on while outlining your social media goals and objectives for the year?

We’ve researched a lot of predictions and trends for the year and have summarized it for you. Here are 10 pointers to consider while planning your social media marketing strategy to enhance your business in 2023.

Instagram blogging  You need to be where your customers are. Instagram has 1.5 billion daily active users (and 2+ billion monthly). According to Hootsuite, 62% of Instagram users say they use it to research brands and products (Facebook takes second place with 55%).

It is an integral part of marketers’ portfolios and rightly so. According to Influencer Marketing Hub’s research, 87% took specific action like following a brand, visiting its retail store or making a purchase after seeing posts with product information on the Gram. Leverage everything that the platform offers with a strong presence.


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