How to buy platinum jewelry?

Platinum is treasured across the word for its rarity, beauty and versatility. It is 30 times rarer than gold and platinum jewelry has the highest metal purity – 95 percent of metal compared to 91 percent of gold (22 karat). Being a hard metal, it holds diamonds and other gemstones more securely making it the metal of choice for striking jewels that grace red carpet events across the globe.

Platinum is known for its strength and resilience. The metal ages beautifully and develops a satiny finish called patina over time. It is a mark of the metal’s authenticity and purity and showcases its everlasting appeal. It is no wonder then that people pick platinum jewelry to mark significant milestones and moments in their life. Platinum is hypoallergenic, and is ideal for those with sensitive skin.

If you are considering buying platinum jewelry, here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

Platinum men's jewelry selection

Platinum’s rarity, purity and versatility appeals to both, men and women. The rare metal can be worn as is or studded with gemstones and diamonds for a glamorous look.

Stamp of purity

It is important to ensure that the jewelry that you buy is of high purity. Platinum jewelry is generally stamped with abbreviations like Pt950 denoting 95% purity. Each piece of jewelry also carries a quality assurance card which features a Unique Identification Number authenticated by Underwriters Laboratories. It ensures that the platinum that you have purchased matches the purity and quality told to you by the jeweler.
Why is platinum expensive?

Platinum is a hard metal and requires a high melting point for detailed carving and milling. Only skilled craftsmen can work with platinum. It also required expensive manufacturing facilities. This results in higher working costs. Also, there is no standard price for platinum like gold. Prices may vary for the same quantity and quality of metal from one jeweler to another.

Platinum versus white gold

Platinum is a naturally occurring white metal that does not use its luster or color over time. White gold on the other hand is an alloy of yellow gold and other metals. While it looks similar, white gold may lose its sheen over time and will have to be re-plated. Platinum retains its sheen. It is denser and almost 40% heavier than gold.

Easy to maintain

It is very easy to maintain platinum’s luster. Simple soak your platinum jewelry in a mild solution of soapy water. Gently scrub it with a soft-bristled brush. Give it a good rinse and dry with a clean cloth.

 Platinum’s understated elegance resonates with the younger generations particularly the millennials and Gen Z. These platinum couple bands speak of an eternal promise of love sealed with strength and resilience.

Popular pick for engagement rings

Platinum has become the go-to metal for diamond jewelry because it is a naturally white metal which doesn’t cast any of its own color into the diamond, making sure that your diamond sparkles at its best. You can pick ones that resonate with your minimalistic spirit like this platinum band with diamonds or one that is elaborately adorned with diamonds.

An extraordinary bond deserves an extraordinary engagement ring that will reflect the rarity of the relationship. Platinum engagement rings are extremely popular because they stand the test of time. They do not lose their shape as well as hold the gemstones or diamonds more securely.

If you are looking at solitaires, then you definitely want a sturdy metal like platinum. Celebrities such as Priyanka Chopra Jonas picked platinum for her 5-carat cushion-cut diamond engagement ring. Even Ranveer Singh proposed to Deepika Padukone with a rectangular solitaire ring set in platinum. 

Platinum for men and women
Platinum has also become a popular choice for men. It has a minimal aesthetic and is emblematic for understated class. Apart from engagement rings and bands, men’s bracelets and chains are also gaining popularity.

You can also find a range of stylish necklaces, rings, earrings and more for women, too.