How to select the right bangle or bracelet

Bangles are one of the oldest accessories that have been discovered in ruins of ancient Mayan, Russian, Viking, South Asian, Roman, Greek, and African civilizations.

The famed pre-historic bronze ‘Dancing Girl’ statue circa 2500 BCE discovered in Mohenjo Daro depicts a girl whose one hand is completely beautified with bangles. From then on till now bangles and bracelets continue to be must-have ornaments to adorn your hands. In Indian culture, it prominently features in weddings and is an integral part of a married woman’s trousseau symbolizing health, luck, and prosperity.

All across the world, bangles and bracelets are an everyday accessory for many.

Buying diamond bangles online

Buying a gold or diamond bangle online can seem a little bit daunting at first. The first thought that crosses through your mind is, ‘Am I buying the right size?’ or ‘Will it fit me properly?’

There are plenty of guides to measure your hand and identify the right bangle size for yourself. You could also get your existing bangle size measured to be sure of your size.

While picking out your bangle, you should be able to fit in or slip two fingers comfortably in it. A bangle that is too tight, will make your wrist appear bigger while one that is loose will keep rolling up and down your arm.

Bangle and bracelet styles

Depending on your personal preference and occasion you can select a more minimalistic or bold wrist ornament set with diamonds. It is important to consider the 4Cs of the diamonds – color, clarity, cut and carat weight – used in the bangle or bracelet.

Tennis bracelets have an enduring appeal and can add glamour to any occasion. These refer to the continuous placement of diamonds along the bracelet. The style became popular in the 1920s when women wore it to the fanciest parties. The bracelet is so comfortable that tennis star Chris Evert even wore it during her tournaments. In fact, that’s how the bracelet got its name. In 1978 during the US Open Evert lost her diamond bracelet mid-match. The game was stopped so that she could look for it. Evert referred to it as her tennis bracelet and the name stuck on.

The bracelet remains sought after even today for its versatility. It can be paired with casual outfits as well as your choicest best. We have something for every budget.

A diamond by the yard bracelet is another choice for those who want just a hint of sparkle. You can get these bracelets in a variety of price ranges. The cost is determined by the number of diamond stations and the quality and carat of each diamond on the bracelet.

Bolo bracelets are an easy option if you are buying a gift for someone else as they can be easily adjusted to fit almost any hand size. Charm your way to your loved one’s heart with these bracelets.

Stack them up!

Mix and match the arrangement of your bangles and bracelets on your wrist to create a distinct look every time you step out. The addition and elimination of a few can make it look different each time. ‘
When wearing a bunch of bracelets, choose one piece to stand out above the rest. Make it the focal point.

Choose a chunkier piece and mix it in with slimmer bracelets or bangles. It can also be worn individually on a day when you want something subtle yet alluring to wear every day.

If you are loading up on the jewels on your wrist, avoid wearing a necklace, ring and earrings all at once. You can mix two tones together for a bit of contrast. You can also wear a watch with your bracelets as long as it compliments one another.

So let your creativity and individuality shine through with your choice of bangles and bracelets.