The ultimate guide to pick the right diamond pendant

Jewelry is transformative in every sense. It not only uplifts your look but also your confidence too, especially when you see everyone else in the room eyeing your sparkling bauble.

A diamond pendant is possibly one of the first things that people notice while talking to you. It dazzles from afar and are statements in themselves. They are versatile pieces of jewelry that can be worn to work, for a date night, for an evening with friends and can be even layered for night on the town.

Whether it is your first diamond pendant or one that is a special gift, here are you few guidelines to keep it in mind before narrowing in on your perfect diamond pendant that will be a constant sparkle in your life.

4Cs: the building blocks

The 4Cs of a diamond – cut, color, clarity and carat are important parameters to keep in mind while buying diamond jewelry.

While most people thing that a bigger diamond will sparkle more, the cut of the diamond is crucial. The number of facets, the angle of the facets, the symmetry and alignment of the shape all affect the diamond’s ability to reflect light and its propensity to sparkle. The shape of a diamond can affectthe price of a diamond by as much as 30 percent.

A round brilliant cut diamond is one of the most sought-after diamond cuts because of its inherent power to sparkle the brightest. It accounts for roughly 50 percent of diamonds sold in USA, the largest market for diamond jewelry.

When it comes to color,ideally diamonds rated through D and F are considered colorless diamonds but you can also pick a nearly colorless diamond in the GH range. Inclusions won’t be easily detectable in a diamond pendant so you can choose a clarity grade of SI1 or SI2 for your pendant. We have plenty of options in this color and clarity. 

Choice of metal: the framework

White gold is often the preferred choice for diamond jewelry because of its neutral color that allows it to be paired with any outfit. It is a symbol of timelessness and modernity. But a diamond set in yellow or rose gold looks just as beautiful. The warmth of yellow gold beautifully contrasts the luminosity of the diamond while pink or rose gold brings a sense of softness and romance with it.

You could also consider platinum for your diamond pendant for it is durable, non-allergenic and is resistant to high stress, making sure that its sheen will never fade.

Style and silhouette

When it comes to the design of your pendant, it depends on what kind of message you want to send out to the world about your personal style.

If you want something that is classic,pick a 4-prong set solitaire. The setting allows maximum light to enter the diamond and reflects back to the eye, ensuring that your diamond shimmers to its full potential. You could also opt for a cluster diamond pendant to suit your budget.

A halo pendant which featured a bigger diamond in the center surround by a framework of smaller diamonds gives the illusion of a bigger stone. 

A pendant with three diamonds is another time-honored style. It borrows from the three stone engagement ring that represents the past, present and future of a relationship. A marker of how the relationship has evolved over the years and symbolizes the special bond for life.

If you wear your heart on your sleeve, you can opt for a heart shaped pendant set in rose gold encrusted with a natural diamond, the perfect symbol of love. This makes for the best birthday gift for the woman in your life. It could be your wife, mother, sister or daughter.

Pendants are also powerful mediums of self-expression. Channel your spiritual side by opting for a diamond-studded cross or a hamsa pendant festooned with diamonds. The world is your oyster when it comes to the style and design of your pendant. Whatever you pick, it is sure to be your treasured keepsakes for life.